Mittwoch, 18. April 2018

What's up, DOK?!

Liebe Rum Gemeinde,

oben abgebildetes Fasssample eines 8 jährigen Hampden DOK konnte ich bereits im Sommer des vergangenen Jahres zusammen mit den Jungs von RUMBOOM und Single Cask Rum verkosten. Zu viel möchte ich gar nicht vorweg nehmen, nur so viel: das Zeug ist der absolute Hammer!! 

Voller Stolz darf ich mitteilen, dass es uns gelungen ist, mit Hilfe des unabhängigen Abfüllers The Rum Cask dieses Fass nach Deutschland zu und unter dem Titel "Letters of Marque" zur Abfüllung zu bringen! 


Tino hat gesagt…

Kintra has bottled this rum!!!! It is absolutely out of this world.
A DOK monster rum. I have never tasted anything like this before.
Anyone who loved the Hampden 1990 and 1993 batches, will
go crazy over this rum. Only 367 bottles were made. Cheers from Copenhagen

Flo hat gesagt…

No, this is not the Kintra! This is an other bottling. There's a difference between ~ 10% vol. and in my opinion, this one is much stronger and more intensive (or in only one word: better) than the Kintra! If you like it, you will love our rum! And yes, it's a monster! :-)

Tino hat gesagt…

Hi Flo I am now aware of the difference in vol between the Kintra and yours. I wrongly thought that the Kintra 56.5% was a cask strenght bottling. You write that I will love your rum !!! Will you bottle this cask yourself ??? Or can you tell me which IB will sell these bottles ?

By the way,speaking of high ester rums, have you seen that the danish IB Single Barrel Selection have released a New Yarmouth 2005-2017 with 67.2% vol.
Only 245 bottles was available and they seemed to sell out in just a couple of days here in Denmark.I know that the Compagnie Des Indes danish cask strenght edition was to your liking, so if you have the opportunity
dont miss out on this one. It is almost identical tastewise with the CDI danish edition. Thanks for your impressive work on the jamaican rum scene. Regards Tino

Flo hat gesagt…

It's a little bit complicated :-)

Me and some other blogger discovered this beautiful cask of DOK in the stocks of the Main Rum Company. In cooperation with an IB from Germany we launch this crazy stuff very soon. More information you can get until weekend.

I like the CdI New Yarmouth DK! And I will taste the S.B.S. in a few days. I'm very excited! New Yarmouth is one of my great hopes for the future!

And of course it's nice to hear, you like my work on BAT. Thank you!

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